I did a session with Tanya and it was one of the most impactful and powerful experiences of my life!  If you are stuck with anything, reach out to her.  She's magnificent!    ~Beth

Tanya is incredible!  My experience wasn't only healing emotionally, but physically.   My chronic upper back and shoulder pain from carrying what didn't serve me for years - is completely gone!   Treat yourself and see what Tanya can do for you!  ~  Stephanie

Tanya provided a safe space with guidance to allow me to give acceptance, love, compassion and gratitude to a component of myself that I hadn't before acknowledged. Her kindness is genuine and her care for Spiritual growth is evident. Thank you for introducing me to a new modality, much love. ~Tammy

"This has been a fantastic experience. Years of self help books, therapy, and trying different ways just to cope have achieved lots of insight but no practical results. The 3 sessions I have had with Tanya have created a major shift in my perception. I immediately felt a huge release each time and each time have seen real results."I have been dealing with a huge anxiety issue with a family member and now I have had numerous interactions with this person in a non-judgmental non-reactive way that I have never experienced before. I also had a major block in moving forward with my true career path for years, and now finally, I can see possibilities and the first steps to move forward.   Tanya is able to ask the right questions to give focus to muddled thoughts and then hone in on the healing. I can't wait until our next session. Thank you so much Tanya!  ~ Laurie

" I feel like I shed an entire layer of skin and feel like a completely new person!  I have released a trauma that has been with me my entire life.  Thank you so much!"  ~Deb 

" I have released a boulder that I have been chipping away at for the past 10 years!  Thank you so much!" ~ Maria

"In less than 60 min, I have healed a part of me that years of therapy hasn't been able to help with.  I feel amazing, like a completely new person!  It's a miracle!"  ~Kim

My session was magical and beautiful.  I had a complete shift in perspective from a very intense and serious block that I was trying to overcome to a lovely, fun and not so serious resulting approach to my life situation.  ~ MW

After my session, I finally saw color in the trees and the world around me again.  It also created confidence in choices that used to cause me anxiety, like driving.  I felt safer in my surroundings.  Very grateful for the experience! ~AB

You are a very good listener and have a gentle presence that is very easy to be around.  You hold the space in what feels like a very safe way.  I felt heard, I felt cared for and there was definitely a lot of compassion that came through from you to me.  Thank you so much!!  ~  NM