Compassion Key

What is Compassion Key?

Compassion Key is a simple yet very powerful technique used for healing wounded aspects of oneself, healing the wounded inner child and past traumas, clearing karmic imprints, soul contracts and bringing our Soul's deepest desires into form.

By using Self-directed Compassion to heal and integrate these parts, we clear and make more room for us to shine our soul's highest expression of light so more love, health, abundance and prosperity can flow in to our life.

Clearing karma, distortions and wounded aspects also prevents us from repeated patterns that continue to cause pain and suffering in our lives. This allows us to experience more inner peace and shine even brighter!

This technique often supports miracles in people's physical health, financial lives, relationships, emotional and spiritual well being and careers. Many people I've worked with report major improvements both internally and externally.

Compassion Key Healing Sessions:

Tanya intuitively creates a customized healing experience and incorporates her gifts in a love filled and connected way, delivering exactly what the client needs to achieve overall health, wellness and integrated embodiment by clearing away any karmic imprints and wounds with self-directed compassion.

Sessions are either Online via Zoom, in which you will get the recorded session or by phone. Sessions typically last 40-90 min depending on how fast it takes to clear the problem we are focused on.

To get the most benefit and truly commit to creating the most amount of change in your life, it is recommended to do more than one session as we work through many karmic layers, however, big shifts can also happen in just one session!

To connect with Tanya and learn more about this practice to see if it is the right fit for you, please schedule a free Discovery call by clicking on the link below.. If you feel the call, schedule a call!

Compassion Key Discovery Call


Tanya provided a safe space with guidance to allow me to give acceptance, love, compassion and gratitude to a component of myself that I hadn't before acknowledged. Her kindness is genuine and her care for Spiritual growth is evident. Thank you for introducing me to a new modality, much love. ~Tammy

"This has been a fantastic experience. Years of self help books, therapy, and trying different ways just to cope have achieved lots of insight but no practical results. The 3 sessions I have had with Tanya have created a major shift in my perception. I immediately felt a huge release each time and each time have seen real results."I have been dealing with a huge anxiety issue with a family member and now I have had numerous interactions with this person in a non-judgmental non-reactive way that I have never experienced before. I also had a major block in moving forward with my true career path for years, and now finally, I can see possibilities and the first steps to move forward. Tanya is able to ask the right questions to give focus to muddled thoughts and then hone in on the healing. I can't wait until our next session. Thank you so much Tanya! ~ Laurie

" I feel like I shed an entire layer of skin and feel like a completely new person! I have released a trauma that has been with me my entire life. Thank you so much!" ~Deb

" I have released a boulder that I have been chipping away at for the past 10 years! Thank you so much!" ~ Maria

"In less than 60 min, I have healed a part of me that years of therapy hasn't been able to help with. I feel amazing, like a completely new person! It's a miracle!" ~Kim

Currently offering:

Individual sessions $120

4 sessions $440

8 sessions $900

Please click on the link below to schedule a Compassion Key Session

Compassion Key Session

Email or text/call 715-440-0174 with any questions.

To learn even more about compassion key, FAQ and the creator of this modality, please click the link below.

Compassion Key FAQ