COSMIC Embodiment

Compassion,  Organic Sound,  Meditation,  Intentional Creativity

Are you feeling a call for change? 

Are you seeking Transformation in your Life?

Are you ready to discover and connect to your highest and most authentic self?

Are you seeking a higher purpose in your life?

Do you have a deep desire to heal certain aspects of yourself?

You are not alone.  You are not lost.

You matter.  Your voice matters.

 Tanya Meyer, RN

I am a Prolific Visionary Artist, Compassion Key Practitioner, Quantum Sound Healer, and Red Thread Intentional Creativity Guide.  Over the last few years, I have been cultivating my gifts and discovering my deeper purpose.  I am a member of the Musea Guild and continue my Intentional Creativity studies through their online university.  I have now woven my gifts into unique, individualized sessions using the COSMIC approach.  COSMIC is a model which utilizes Compassion, Organic Sound, Meditative Movement and Intentional Creativity to facilitate miraculous transformation in the lives of others.   I inspire and empower others to heal, regenerate and embrace more of their human potential as co-creative expressions of universal consciousness.   

I am calling all lightworkers, starseeds, healers, creatives, teachers and those seeking deep transformation in their life.   If you have a desire to heal, deepen your connection to yourself, discover your higher purpose and embrace your authenticity in a more, connected, embodied and expressive way, I would love to guide you on your journey!

Sessions with me are intuitively customized to meet your individual needs as we cultivate a relationship with one another and enter into a co-creative experience to facilitate transformation and miracles in your life!  When we determine your focus, intention and what best suits your needs, each session with me moves you towards a more connected and embodied state of being and allows more of your authenticity to be expressed.  

There is no better time than Right Now.  You matter.  Sessions can be done in-person, or by phone or Zoom.  Click on the link below to schedule a free Consultation.

My mission is to create change on our planet, one person at a time. The Earth is calling for more sustainable and regenerative ways of being.  By assisting others in healing and shining more of their authentic light, this creates a ripple effect, which facilitates collective, cultural and regenerative change.  By guiding you towards dramatically improving your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being, you shift into more aligned and prosperous ways of being.  This not only benefits you, but all those you are connected with!

Illuminate your Light!

Journey into the mystery of who you really are, unleash your full potential, open new doors of possibility and enter into an unparalleled sensual experience of regenerative well-being!

I've been waiting for you.  We are in this together. Thank you for answering the call!  

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