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In October of 2020, Tanya discovered Musea online University.  She decided to expand her art and delve into the world of creating with Intention.  She has since taken many classes through Musea and has chosen to pursue Intentional Creativity as an offering she provides to others and has been certified as a Red Thread Intentional Creativity Guide.    Her pieces reflect the intention she puts into it, with the corresponding messages she receives while painting. 

Intentional Creativity is a philosophy for approaching what we create.  We infuse what we create with intention, through mindfulness and embodiment.  This approach to creativity can be applied to any medium and is can be utilized by literally anyone.  You do not have to be an artist to create with intention!   When we create something, we infuse it with our energy.  As it is infused, it becomes a resonator, which is returned back to us.  Working with this level of awareness can cause awakening at exponential levels as well as catalyze healing and moving stuck energy.   This is reciprocity of Love in Motion at a Quantum level.  

Art is an amazing way for the Imaginal Realm to become more tangible.  It creates a bridge of communication from the Divine that we are graced with connecting, respecting, and expanding upon.  Tanya's goal is to create something that will make a meaningful and powerful first connection and then continue the spiritual growth between the person and the vibration artistically represented in the piece.    At the core of all of her work is Love.  


Intentional Creativity Offerings:

1:1  Intentional Creativity and Painting Sessions

Group Classes and Workshops

Commissioned Intuitive Paintings and Spirit Drawings

Home and Business Murals

Tanya currently works out of her home studio and sells the majority of her work privately.   If you like her work, reach out!  Many of her originals are for sale and prints are also available upon request. 

If you are interested in scheduling a painting session, creating a group workshop experience,  or commissioning an intuitive art piece or mural specifically for you, please email using the link below. 

To Read more about the process of Intentional Creativity, click the link below to review my process and reflections through words and paintings as I journeyed through my certification process. 

Maverick - Voice of Compassion   2022   

13 Moon Cycle Exploration of Going Rogue

Voice of Compassion

In a realm where words weave wonders,

Where verses dance with cosmic light,

Weaving threads of compassion, free and bright.

Compassion, the balm that heals the soul,

A gentle touch, a soothing embrace,

It knows no bounds, it knows no walls,

It nurtures hearts with boundless grace.

Freedom of expression, a sacred right,

To sing, to speak, to let thoughts flow,

Like birds in flight, soaring high,

Unveiling truths, letting passions glow.

Regeneration, nature's tender gift,

A symphony of growth and rebirth,

From seeds to trees, from dusk to dawn,

Life's eternal cycle, embracing Earth.

Ancestral healing, whispers from the past,

A tapestry of stories, etched in time,

We honor those who came before,

Their wisdom guiding us, sublime.

Sustainability, the pledge we make,

To tread softly on this precious Earth,

To cherish every creature, every tree,

Preserving beauty, ensuring its worth.

Love, the force that binds us all,

The gentle rhythm of a beating heart,

In every smile, in every act of kindness,

Love's magic weaves its eternal art.

Forgiveness, a bridge across divide,

A salve that mends what once was torn,

In letting go, we find release,

And from the ashes, new hope is born.

Light, the radiant essence of existence,

A beacon shining through the darkest night,

Illuminating paths of truth and understanding,

Guiding souls toward a future bright.

So let us embrace this poetic journey,

Where compassion, freedom, and love unite,

With forgiveness, ancestral healing,

Regeneration, sustainability, and light.

Magic Movie 4.mov

Ritual - Revealing the Hidden Self  2021

13 Moon Ritual of Revelation

“Cosmic Rebirth - A return to Self”

By Tanya Meyer

Her Ritual begins, as she embarks upon a journey.  

To reveal and heal the hidden parts of her longing to return.   

She consecrates herself to discover her divinity. 

There is a greater mystery to be revealed.

To be reclaimed.To be healed. 

She claims her place among the stars. 

Born of ancient Stardust and Light,  

a Divine miracle in human form. 

One with all things, the whole of existence.   

She will begin anew from within, trusting her heart will lead the way. 

The wounds of the past no longer lead her astray.  

This is a devotion to her. 

A deep devotional desire.   

To reveal her. To know her. To ignite her inner fire.  

Her illumination brings truth. The truth of her being.  

An opening of consciousness and new ways of seeing. 

Her heart longs for the music, the heart song that is hers.   

The sound of the soul as an individual expression.  

She knows she is music, her own unique melody. 

Awaiting harmonization with all of creation. 

The rhythm of life pulses through her veins, 

an earthly cosmic being here on a mission. 

 A mission of Love, of Truth and Compassion. 


The umbilical cord of life, made of Stardust and earth, 

one with the weave, through all dimensions. 

She exists within the tapestry, woven by a divine plan. 

Of earth and of stars and of the Rainbow clan.  

The time has come for heart-centered evolution.  

This is achieved through the process of involution. 

She peels back the layers, myths of old times,

 like layers of skin built up over time.   

As she dives deep inside to heal from within,  

she reveals her true colors and forgives her “sins”.   

Her diamond light shines as she takes back her crown. 

She is divine. She is holy. 

Her consciousness is the vine. 

She’s in service to the earth and all that exists. 

 One with all things,  in her gnosis comes bliss.  

She’s an instrument of love, of peace and compassion,

 waiting to express herself, in co-creation. 

All of creation awaits her return. 

Waiting to respond to the unique frequency that is her.  

In harmony with all as one interconnected being.

Unified in love as one interweaving.   

A keeper of wisdom, a bringer of Light, 

She shines like a diamond, bright in the night. 

Her wings give her freedom, a grand metamorphosis of self.

In revealing her hidden, she returns to herself.   

Integrated and embodied as a channel of light,  

she is free to be her, she is free to take flight.  

A divine path unfolding, it’s only the beginning.  

A tapestry of life as the weavers keep spinning.  

Clearing the lens, so more light can shine through, 

the veil will be lifted as the earth prepares for transition.  

Within the great mystery, the journey unfolds.  

Her eyes shine bright with tales yet untold.  

In her Involution and integration, she becomes her revelation.   

Divine in nature.  

Here for Transformation.

A time of Love and of Regeneration.

Magic Movie.mov

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Ritual - Revealing the Hidden Self

Maverick - Voice of Compassion

Goddess Archetype

She is Present. She knows herself to be an extension of Divine Consciousness. Eternal oneness. Here for a specific reason.  To explore the many layers of self. To heal, To grow, To expand.  She extends herself from the divine to the mystery of the unknown, knowing that in that place lies infinite possibilities for creative expansion and co creation.  By being open to receiving and staying open to the mystery of it, it is from that place that conscious awareness expands even further and momentum increases towards manifesting your highest visions.  It is from that place that new growth occurs. 

Fearless Leadership

I am she who Leads With Love.  I Embrace my authenticity and share my gifts with others through Intentional Creativity.  

I am she who is Fearless.  I am she who is conscious and connected.  

I am she who is becoming the Leader she was meant to be.  My intention is to embody myself as Whole and Expansive!


Soul Alchemy

Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers 

You are sacred. 

A divine blessing to all.

A bringer of light. 

An ancient one. 

A wisdom keeper and a mystic. 

You are safe, connected and divinely guided, knowing your place on this earthly plane.  

You bring great transformation as a divine steward of the earth and of your own soul. 

It is you who remembers. 

In your wholeness comes transformation.   

You are a multidimensional, cosmic being having a human experience, here to shift and raise the vibrational frequency of this Earth and to shed light upon the darkness.

It is time for the regeneration of the earth and all species of life.   

It is you who drums us into other worlds. 

It is you who knows your piece.

It is you who guides others to remember. 

It is you and those you are connected with that are guided by Love always.

Apothecary of Transformation

As you become the curious observer, connecting to the eye of truth, fully revealing your innate connection to the heart of Gaia and the medicine your being brings to this planet, you become a conscious vessel where pearls of wisdom are revealed.   Love is the key that unlocks the compass of heart centered evolution and conscious revelations.  There are many higher truths yet to be discovered in the unknown, unwritten part of you as we infinitely integrate higher vibrational frequencies and bring light codes to the planet for healing and regeneration.  When feeling disconnected, always return to the heart space and trust that you are the navigator, a divine steward of your soul.

“To Heal With Ease and Grace”

Dancing Between Worlds

I am she who leads with Love.

I embrace my authenticity and share my gifts with others through Intentional creativity. 

I am she who is fearless.

I am she who is conscious and connected. 

I am she who is becoming the leader she was meant to be. 

My intention is to embody myself as whole and expansive.

Remember your place in the whole.  

Remember you are Earth.

Remember you are Air.

Remember you are Fire.

Remember you are Water.

Remember you are Spirit.

Remember your place in the Cosmos. 

Remember who you are.  


You are she who rises. 

Who dances with the stars and cradles the moon.


She who sees through the eyes of Love and knows her Truth. 

Intentional Creativity guides me.  My heart knows what is best for me and by listening to the inner wisdom, I receive insight into what is next in my journey. 


“Your soul is Illuminated when you listen to your heart and go with the flow.  Optimal well being is achieved through alignment with mind, body and spirit in the highest resonance of harmony, peace, joy and love. “

Muse Fuse

She fuses with her muse to bring forth new messages of love, light and ascension.   The muse reveals that we do have the choice and capability to heal ourselves and release the “ ancestral baggage” we carry forward into this lifetime.  DNA can be transformed through intention and affirmation.  

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