Caring for our physical body is important. It is the sacred vessel that moves us through life. Just like you take care of your car or home, your body needs consistent care and maintenance as well to keep it running smoothly. By tuning in to our somatic and paying attention to where we trap emotions and hold on to stuck energy, we can use movement as an alchemical process to free up that energy and move it through the body, creating more space for creativity and life force to flow through.

Yoga has been an integral part of Tanya's life for the past 10 years. She became interested in the Aerial arts as a form of fitness and received her instructor certification in 2018.

Tanya enjoys bringing somatic movement into her energy sessions for a whole body experience.

She currently teaches Aerial Yoga at

Studio Sky,

415 1/2 S. Barstow St.

Eau Claire, WI 54701

In addition to her regular classes, she also offers Private Aerial sessions to those interested in 1:1 lessons, and personal goal setting for long-term strength and flexibility. This is open to all ages and levels of experience.

Click the link to schedule a class!

What is Aerial Yoga?

Also referred to as Antigravity yoga, this practice combines traditional yoga paired with a suspended Aerial silk. The silk is used as a support so far less pressure is placed upon your joints. It also allows you to perform moves that you wouldn’t be able to do on the floor. Improve the way you move, revitalize your body and soul and redefine your workout!

Benefits include:

🌟 Core strengthening and muscle defining with optimal flexibility

🌟 Improved balance, movement, and yoga form

🌟 Maximum results enhanced by gravity

🌟 Inversion Therapy - spinal decompression and pain relief -great for back and joint pain

🌟 Improved focus

🌟 Ultimate cocooning experience with mindfulness and sensory comfort as your body contours are caressed by silk

🌟 Exhilarating aerial sensations

🌟 Revitalized body and soul with increased joy, satisfaction and balance.