Private Sound Journeys

Dylan Johnson and Tanya Meyer offer a unique experience, connecting you with yourself and those you are close with as they take you on an intentionally creative Sound Journey.

Explore new pathways of connection passed down through a lineage of creativity and inspiration.

They utilize breath work, affirmations and sound to provide you an intuitive and healing experience guided by Love.

Together, their unique sound and energy come alive in a dance of musical Frequency and Healing vibration.

By blending a variety of spiritual sound practices and world instruments together, they bring you to new levels of awareness and conscious expansion.

Host Your Own Private Sound Journey

Family - Friends - Teams - Couples

Past Event Locations

Artisan Forge Studios

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Dancing Yarrow

Moonrise Aerials

Point of Renewal Integrated Health

Rei of Sunshine

Soulstice Wellness Center