Divine Light

Integrated Embodiment is


Compassion, Organic Sound, Movement, Intentional Creativity

Tanya Meyer is an Intuitive Intentional Artist, COSMIC Embodiment Coach, Compassion Key Practitioner, Aerial Yoga Instructor, Alchemical Sound Healer and Certified Red Thread Intentional Creativity Guide. She is a member of the Musea Guild and continues ongoing training through their online University, practicing intentional creativity and curation of consciousness.

My Talent is assisting others in Shining their Soul's highest expression through practices of Integrated Embodiment, using the COSMIC approach.

The Cosmic approach utilizes the concepts of Compassion Key, Music and Organic sound, Somatic Movement and Intentional Creativity to heal and integrate all aspects of self leading to a more embodied, whole and conscious state of being. If you are desiring transformation in your life, click the link below to schedule a free discovery call to discuss session options and package offerings.