Divine Light

By Tanya Meyer

Tanya Meyer is a self taught Artist, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Vibrational Movement Guide, Aerial Yoga Instructor, Alchemical Sound Medicine Healer and Certified Red Thread Intentional Creativity Guide.

She began a journey of self exploration and healing through art 6 years ago after leaving a 17 year career in Nursing, deciding to pursue a more holistic, spiritual, and creative path.

She dedicates her life to assisting others in experiencing a free, expanded and mindful life, with focus on aligning mind, body and spirit through Intentional Creativity, Movement, Breath and Vibrational Sound Medicine.

Integrating her numerous integrative healing modalities into her offerings, her classes, workshops and energy sessions address stress, imbalance, limiting beliefs and overall wellness in a unique and intuitively tailored way making the experience personalized.

Her goal is to live a sovereign, creative filled, joyful life and raise the earths vibration through intention, creativity and sound. She strives for continual personal growth and loves guiding others in expanding and evolving their own consciousness.