Collecting Art

Tips on Getting Started

  1. Take your time - Art is a significant investment. Make sure you find the right one for you to add to your collection.

  2. Buy to Keep - Buy what you like. Think about your art collection as your estate.

  3. Buy Posters and Prints - From a limited edition release and autographed. 1/10, 1/25, 1/50 are examples.

Where to Find Inspiration

  1. Go to Art Fairs - we've been to a few just this fall and there's another coming up soon. Check the Events!

  2. Browse Art Books - There's the monograph, which is a history of an artist's professional work. There are also Catalogs - museums and gallery shows.

  3. Instagram - @divinelight

Tips on Framing Your Art

  1. You need a frame you can trust - Frame prints, posters, and other flat art.

  2. Canvas does not require a frame nor Plexiglas - The majority of the Portals of Light are canvas.

Where to Buy Your Art

  1. Online - Multiple Types of Products - @ FineArtAmerica

  2. Art Galleries - Local @ ArtisanForgeStudios

  3. Pop-up Art Shows - Meet your local artists

  4. Directly from an Artist - Stay updated on latest works