Portals of Light

By Tanya Meyer

Tanya’s art has taken many forms over the past 6 years, each piece reflecting the healing journey and expansion of her awareness. Her goal is to create something that will make a meaningful and powerful first connection and then continue the spiritual growth between the person and the vibration/energy artistically represented in the piece.

In October of 2020, she discovered Musea online University. She decided to expand her art and delve into the world of creating with Intention. She has since taken many classes through Musea and has chosen to pursue Intentional Creativity as an offering she provides to others. Recently, she became certified as a Red Thread and Intentional Creativity Guide. Her pieces now reflect the intention she puts into it, with the corresponding messages she receives while painting.

Art is an amazing way for the Imaginal Realm to become more tangible. It creates a bridge of communication from the Divine that we are graced with connecting, respecting, and expanding upon. At the core of all of her work is Love.

She mainly works with Acrylic and has created hundreds of paintings. She has also completed a number of home and business wall murals.

She does accept commission work and will work with you to create an intuitive painting just for you! Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Tanya currently works out of her home studio and sells the majority of her work privately. If you like her work, reach out! Many of her originals are for sale and prints are also available upon request.

Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers

You are sacred.

A divine blessing to all.

A bringer of light.

An ancient one.

A wisdom keeper and a mystic.

You are safe, connected and divinely guided, knowing your place on this earthly plane.

You bring great transformation as a divine steward of the earth and of your own soul.

It is you who remembers.

In your wholeness comes transformation.

You are a multidimensional, cosmic being having a human experience, here to shift and raise the vibrational frequency of this Earth and to shed light upon the darkness.

It is time for the regeneration of the earth and all species of life.

It is you who drums us into other worlds.

It is you who knows your piece.

It is you who guides others to remember.

It is you and those you are connected with that are guided by Love always.

Apothecary of Transformation

As you become the curious observer, connecting to the eye of truth, fully revealing your innate connection to the heart of Gaia and the medicine your being brings to this planet, you become a conscious vessel where pearls of wisdom are revealed. Love is the key that unlocks the compass of heart centered evolution and conscious revelations. There are many higher truths yet to be discovered in the unknown, unwritten part of you as we infinitely integrate higher vibrational frequencies and bring light codes to the planet for healing and regeneration. When feeling disconnected, always return to the heart space and trust that you are the navigator, a divine steward of your soul.

“To Heal With Ease and Grace”

Dancing Between Worlds

I am she who leads with Love.

I embrace my authenticity and share my gifts with others through Intentional creativity.

I am she who is fearless.

I am she who is conscious and connected.

I am she who is becoming the leader she was meant to be.

My intention is to embody myself as whole and expansive.

Remember your place in the whole.

Remember you are Earth.

Remember you are Air.

Remember you are Fire.

Remember you are Water.

Remember you are Spirit.

Remember your place in the Cosmos.

Remember who you are.


You are she who rises.

Who dances with the stars and cradles the moon.


She who sees through the eyes of Love and know her Truth.


“Your soul is Illuminated when you listen to your heart and go with the flow. Optimal well being is achieved through alignment with mind, body and spirit in the highest resonance of harmony, peace, joy and love. “

Muse Fuse

She fuses with her muse to bring forth new messages of love, light and ascension. The muse reveals that we do have the choice and capability to heal ourselves and release the “ ancestral baggage” we carry forward into this lifetime. DNA can be transformed through intention and affirmation.




Nectar of Life

Your Authenticity is your where your Power lies. True Freedom comes when you pursue your Dreams and Desires with Passion and Playfulness, intentionally creating your life with Love. Take time to “stop and smell the roses” seeing the divinity in all that is. Be present with yourself and allow your heart to guide the way. The Nectar of Life is Love.

The Apothecarian

I Am the Sacred Vessel.

I Am the sacred vessel, this keeper of ancient secrets. It is through me that higher wisdom will be revealed.

I Am the sacred vessel through which life itself flows.

I Am the sacred vessel for divine luminous energy to flow.

I Am everything, yet Nothing

I Am everywhere, yet Nowhere.

I Am the sacred vessel, yet cannot be contained, as I Am ever present, effervescent, omnipotent, eternal divine energy.

I Am an infinite, limitless, multidimensional vessel for light language to flow.

I Am the sacred vessel that radiates energy and frequency.

I Am the medicine. The medicine is me.

I Am the healer magician, the protector, the messenger and the alchemist.

I Am the sacred vessel that ripples out to all.

I Am the Sacred vessel.

Super Powers

1. Freedom of Expression - expressing oneself authentically through art, voice, music, and frequency. It is safe to be your authentic self.

2. Power to take Action - we are the Author, the creator of our story.

We appreciate the beauty and embrace the sweetness of life, moving forward with joy, pursuing our desires with passion.

3. Clarity of vision - looking forward to the future and visualizing that in which we wish to manifest. The universe is a magical place with limitless possibilities for expansion as we move towards Unity, Healing, Peace and Love.


I come from a place of the unknown mystery. A place of energy without form.

I come from the stars and I dance with the moon. I come from the seed, the egg, as new life takes form.

I am that first breath of life as I birth into being.

I come from the earth, the warm soil beneath your feet. I am the mother, so deeply connected.

I come from the breeze that brushes your skin and brings whispers of consciousness from within.

I come from the fire, warming, dancing and burning with desire.

I come from the water, cleansing, nourishing and renewing.

I come from the birds, singing songs of love.

I come from the trees, providing wisdom shelter and protection.

I come from the music, a universal language of love.

I come from the laughter of the little children playing.

I come from the paintbrush as colors form expression.

I come from the rose, a symbol of love, beauty and devotion.

I come from the dance as you move your hips.

I come from a kiss and the taste of your lover upon your lips.

I come from the music, a universal language of love.

I come from the heart, revealed through expression.

I come from the mother, Divine Creation into form.

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